Automobile Insurance Quotes And The Question Of Makes And Models

When you are planning to buy a vehicle, your research should include a survey of automobile insurance quotes for all the makes and models you are interested in. As a rule of thumb, the high-powered foreign imports are the most expensive to insure. There are several reasons for this. First, from a design point of view, the height of the bumpers is often lower than on US models. This means more damage is likely in a frontal collision. Second, even with good dealer support in the US, the cost of importing replacement parts and spares is higher than for comparable US models.

Finally, if your dream car is totaled, the replacement price is usually high. This is not to say foreign vehicles are less safe than comparable US models. In fact, the crash and rollover tests consistently finds imported vehicles safer on average than US models. But it does reflect the reality of the designs for different road conditions in other countries. To get the most up-to-date information, you need to check with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site where you can download the latest guidance on the difference in automobile insurance rates as a result of the crash tests. For example, this shows micro cars as very cheap to insure, but two-door small, midsize and large vehicles cost more than average to insure.

The sports and luxury models are consistently the most expensive. You should only consider buying a Maserati if money is no object when it comes to assessing the automobile insurance quotes.¬†Because there’s so much metal around the people inside, station wagons, pickups and minivans are safer rides. The same is true of the very large luxury models like the Lincoln. Perhaps, surprisingly, SUVs also prove consistently less expensive to insure, even when you get into the luxury end of the range. Of course, these generalizations break down if you have a bad driving record or there’s other evidence suggesting you are a high-risk driver. If your personal factors are combined with a high-powered, luxury sports model, you must hope the trust fund is full of cash. When setting the automobile insurance quotes, the insurers look at the complete package of you and the vehicle. If in doubt, trade down to a two-door Smart.

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