Isuzu D-Max breaks records in market up

Australia’s new vehicle sales rose 68.3% in May on Covid-impacted volume increases to 100.809 units. This is just short of the 2017 all-time record of 102.901 and the best May result since 2018. After 31 months of decline, this is the 7th consecutive month with year-on-year growth. Year-to-date, the tally has increased 37.5% to 456.804, and is on track to surpass 1,000,000 units by the end of the year. SUV sales (+87.1%), significantly outpace market to reach 53.605 unit and 53.2% share, vs. 47.8% in May 2020, while light commercials up 56.7% and 23.177 units, vs. 24.7%. Passenger cars continue to underperform at +46.1% and 20.218 units, respectively vs. 23.1% last year.

The market is up by private buyers at +83.4% at 52.428 units. Business sales are up 47.8% at 36.543 and rental sales are up 347.2% at 5.500. Government sales are down 7.9% at 2.529. Each state and territory are up this month. Tasmania is up 110%; Northern Territory is up 83%; Western Australia up 78%; South Australia up 75%; South Australia up 78%; New South Wales up 69% and Queensland up 67%. Victoria up 65%, ACT up 12%. Japan is up 76.9% at 35.457, Thailand is up 46.5% at 21.457 and South Korea is up 101.9% at 14.014, South Korea is up 101.9%, Queensland is up 67%, Victoria is up 65%, and ACT is up 12%. Germany is down -3.8% on 4.295.

Toyota (+46.2%), while trailing the market, is still dominant at 21% share vs. 21.4% this year. Mazda (+87.4%), remains in second place at 10.5%, compared to 10.6% year-to date. Kia (+158.1%) rises onto the Australian podium only the second time since April 2020. It easily surpasses Ford (+66.7%), Mitsubishi (+155.2%) or Hyundai (+57%). The three carmakers are within 50 sales. The Top 10 also saw Nissan (+94.4%), Subaru (+75.3%), and Hyundai (+56.7%) posting very strong gains. However, the star of the month was Isuzu Ute (+174.2%) who broke into the Top 10 for the third time and reached a record #9 due to a record volume of 3.946. MG (+428%), is knocked out at #11 despite a huge lift. Further down, GWM (+357%), GDV (+169.4%), Skoda +165.9% and Volvo (+136.3%), stand out with triple-digit gains.

Model-wise, the Toyota Hilux (+24.8%), after being beaten by the Ford Ranger in April and the Toyota RAV4 last April , regains the top spot in may despite a modest year-on-year increase. The Ford Ranger (+59.7%), is now at #2, but it still leads the 4×4 charts for the month with 3.911 units and the year-to-date by 15 units. The Toyota RAV4 (+71.2%), is now at #3, but it still holds the top spot year-to-date. In 4th place overall, the Isuzu D-Max breaks both its ranking record (previously best: #5 December 2018 ), its volume record of 3.058 (previously best: 2.409 December 2018 ), and its share record of 3% (previously best 2.5% December 2018 and 2020). All this despite the supply problems. Prado (+63%) and Toyota Land Cruiser (+121.8%) continue to profit from the “holiday away” trend. They rank #5 and #8 respectively and outsell all other passenger cars. The Toyota Corolla (+34.7%), and Hyundai i30 (78.6%) are the only two vehicles at the bottom of the Top 10 this month. You can also see the MG ZS breaking the #12 ranking record and the Kia Stonic entering the Top 30 at #27.

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