Recommended Engine Tips & Advice To Save Energy & Money

An office and home energy audit is the first step to understanding how much energy is consumed.

Proper energy management will keep all systems running efficiently. An energy audit of electrical heating and cooling includes checking insulation, draft stopping, windows and doors, as well as the overall envelope of the home.

This assessment will determine the efficiency of the heating and cooling system and how to conserve energy. Corrections in the systems will save homeowners time and money.

Air conditioners are 50 percent more efficient today than ever before. Office managers and homeowners can cut up to half or more of their electricity bill when installing a high efficiency air conditioner.

Planned maintenance is important to keep air conditioners and heating systems operating at peak efficiency, systems must be maintained to keep energy costs lower.

Heating systems should be checked in the autumn just before winter and full use of heating begins, and in early spring air conditioning systems should likewise be checked.

At Enigin we provide commerce, industry and the public sector with leading edge solutions that enable energy saving to be not just a flash in the pan but a continuing process with automatic and intelligent controls for many systems and appliances.

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