The Different Types And Styles Of Car Tuning

Today’s technology makes tuning your own car a breeze. Each vehicle receives a special touch by tuning, whether it was just screwed to the body or the fabric seat were converted into sports seats. Tuning is available for every part of the car and it is important to distinguish them.

Change the Exterior

The tuning in the area of ​​the body and the rims, as you get here for example, changed the complete look of a vehicle. Here can be made a lot, such as light metal or chrome rims, which are decorated with gemstones or gold. It is repainted with different color paint, new shock absorbers and wider tires used. Here the tuner aims at the optical change of his vehicle. When chopping the ABC columns are shortened, so it is lower in the belt line, with the cleaning door handles, trim strips and the like removed so as to leave the car without such confounding. The California look is a special look that came to bear above all with the old VW Beetle and was invented in Los Angeles. A popular field is the tuning of the lighting systems,

More Power Inside

One of the club most popular types of car tuning is changing the engine and lowering. There are no limits to the imagination to make the engine more powerful and sporty. For this purpose, diesel engines are best suited for chip tuning. This only changes the electric engine control, which already makes a difference in many cars. Further performance enhancements include nitrous oxide injection, water injection or a new engine. Even with the chassis many changes can be achieved by shorter and harder brake spring. Here are good examples of the Lowrider, which is equipped with hydraulic suspension and air suspension. When lowering, the complete vehicle is lowered so far that it hangs only a few millimeters above the ground.

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